June 27, 2022

The end of Roe v. Wade has huge economic implications for male partners, too

Nine years ago Donovan Atterberry's girlfriend became pregnant, but a lethal chromosomal disorder was detected. She chose to terminate the pregnancy, and Atterberry says "it […]
June 26, 2022

Biden says G-7 countries will ban Russian gold in response to the war in Ukraine

President Biden and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz speak during a bilateral meeting at the G7 Summit in Elmau, Germany, on Sunday. Susan Walsh/AP President Joe […]
June 26, 2022

How a massive refinery shortage is contributing to high gas prices

The Marathon Anacortes Refinery. David Ryder/Getty Images President Biden and Big Oil are at each other's throats. At a time when gas prices are at […]
June 24, 2022

The housing market squeeze pushes renters into bidding wars

Brandon Schwedes of Port Orange, Fla., with his 11-year-old daughter and 8-year-old son. Schwedes had to move this year when the landlord dramatically raised the […]
June 24, 2022

Factual climate change reporting can influence Americans positively, but not for long

Gen Nashimoto, of Luminalt, installs solar panels in Hayward, Calif., on Wednesday, April 29, 2020. Ben Margot/AP Media coverage of climate change can influence Americans […]
June 22, 2022

Powell says recession 'a possibility' but not likely

Jerome Powell, Chairman, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System testifies before the Senate Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee on June 22, 2022 […]
June 22, 2022

Biden wants a gas tax holiday. Some economists say that's a bad idea

Gas prices are displayed on a sign in Washington on June 14. Consumers are angry gas prices are so high and polls show they blame […]
June 21, 2022

You've likely been affected by climate change. Your long-term finances might be, too

A woman reacts to seeing the remains of her mother's home destroyed by the Marshall Wildfire in Louisville, Colo., in 2021. A new survey finds […]
June 20, 2022

He's the first buyer of the electric F-150. Why he's the future of the car industry

Nick Schmidt poses with his wife after picking up his brand new electric F-150. Schmidt was the first buyer to get the F-150 Lightning as […]
June 18, 2022

Sports betting ads are everywhere. Some worry gamblers will pay a steep price

Sports betting is exploding across the U.S., but how companies advertise remains largely unregulated. Kyle Ellingson for NPR A new era of legalized betting is […]